Get Started


Want to get your app, website or supporting cloud services built? We begin the collaboration by discussing all the elements listed on the Shape-It page. We then map these elements against the required executable technologies and budget.

Startup Incubator

Want to validate, build and commercialise your idea in a trusted working environment? We begin the collaboration by first discussing the Co-Founder’s User Stories. We then work together and map these User Stories against a Competitive Gap Analysis.

What Happens Next

Dialogue begins by first focusing on whether you’re a Work-for-Hire client or want to work in the trusted AppCurate Startup Incubator. We then naturally progress to the relevant AppCurate Phase trying to keep things relatively simple.

The easy part is signing an NDA. Then it’s time to get serious and start getting *hit done. The difficulty lies in how we proactively work together, set mutually agreed expectations and, most importantly, overcome ‘optimism bias’.

The reality is that things change. Finding agreement takes time and effort, it’s not a one-way street. The best negotiation works for both parties. And, in the end, we all want to jump head first into any one of the
AppCurate Phases.