App Development in Sydney

Looking for App Development in Sydney?

A work-for-hire client typically starts at the AppCurate Shape-It phase for most App Development Sydney work.

On the other hand, if the startup client (usually two co-founders) are eager to build their minimum viable product (MVP) inside the AppCurate Startup Incubator, App Development Sydney typically starts at the AppCurate Ideas Phase.

Either way, we develop for various ‘mobile form factors’ and exhaustively develop for ALL our App Development Sydney projects, but most importantly, with an eye-for-detail.

Which AppCurate Phase Best Suits the Client’s App Development Sydney Project?

The App Development Sydney workflow varies depending on which AppCurate phase the client fits into. For example, if the client is an established company and their software development team has a clear vision, defined target audience, functional specification documentation, all of which fit across a defined App Development Sydney timetable, we focus on the following two AppCurate phases:

AppCurate ›› Shape-It Phase

First, we ‘flesh out’ the app feature set while in cahoots with AppCurate’s UI/UX specialist who fine tunes go-to-market features of the client’s Mobile App Development Sydney project.

Second, we avoid ‘optimism bias’​ — where people agree for the sake of agreeing — by continually challenging Mobile App Development Sydney assumptions.

Running in parallel, we strive to develop a range of Mobile App Development Sydney documentation including, but not limited to, defensible product requirements, consumer schematics, UI/UX design, software requirements in order to combat against ‘optimism bias’​.

App Development Sydney


Want to get your app, website or supporting cloud services built? We begin the collaboration by discussing all the elements listed on the Shape-It page. We then map these elements against the required executable technologies and budget.

Startup Incubator

Want to develop, build and commercialise your idea in a trusted working environment? We begin the collaboration by first discussing the co-founder’s User Stories. We then work together and map these User Stories against a Competitive Gap Analysis.

Mobile App Development Sydney

AppCurate ›› Build-It Phase

The project scope gets frozen. We then transition to the Build-It phase and ‘tool up’​ to build the client’s iOS/Android apps.

As we advance the Mobile App Development Sydney workflow, we rapidly iterate through Mobile App Development Sydney software implementations, checking each iterative build until all stakeholders are happy with the results.

We meet with the client in regular cadence, reviewing what has been built, because there are still learnings to be gained while the app is built. And, if necessary, change the product requirements at the lowest possible cost.

Finally, the end result of the client’s Mobile App Development Sydney work gets tested across various in-market ‘form factors’, operating systems including exhaustive customer acceptance testing.