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We ‘flesh out’ the business proposition and fine tune the critical ‘must have’ product features of your iOS and Android apps, website; minimum viable product (MVP) or Startup.

The difference between good and bad architecture is the time you spend on it
David Chipperfield

Shape-It Phase

The original idea is further transformed in the Shape-It Phase. We formalise the initial concepts into a plan that can be implemented. We challenge the stakeholders on the essential elements of the responsive design.

Early on in this Shape-It Phase the Goal is to have, at Minimum

  • A ‘Must Have’ features set.
  • A business plan that makes sense.
  • An initial scoping estimate of soft development costs and time to build.
  • An assessment of the technical complexity and risks.

The Shape-It Phase is Inherently Dynamic and Fluid

And, so, we avoid ‘optimism bias’ — where people agree for the sake of agreeing. We continually challenge assumptions and iterate until we obtain defensible product requirements and a robust business case.

How do we Combat Against ‘Optimism Bias’?

Prior to the Build-It Phase, we expect to document the following additional elements of the business proposition:

  • Finalise user stories.
  • Use cases detailed.
  • Formulate product requirements documentation.
  • Develop consumer schematics relevant to the business model.
  • Technical/software specifications response (from the engineering team).
  • Elements of the UI and UX.
  • Information architecture, wire frames and responsive design layouts.
  • Revised estimates of cost to build and operate.

Who Would Use this Shape-It Phase?

This step applies whether you’re a Work-for-Hire client or co-founder working in the AppCurate Startup Incubator

1) Work-for-Hire clients typically start at the Shape-It Phase

  • The client’s goal is usually to match the various competing project quotes against one another.
  • A Work-for-Hire client follows a truncated process, focusing on product and technical requirements; responsive web design concepts/layouts; and cost estimates to produce software development/project plans.
  • It is generally accepted that the business case and commercialisation plans are the responsibility of the hiring company.

2) AppCurate Startup Incubator services progress from Idea Validation to the Shape-It Phase

  • The Shape-It Phase is an essential phase for co-founders working in the AppCurate Startup Incubator.
  • The business planning work is essential to avoid over committing resources until there is a clear understanding of the business case; consumer (user journey) schematics; product and technical requirements; and core responsive web design elements.
  • For example, it may take time for all parties to agree on which ‘Must Have’ product features are included in the minimum viable product (MVP). In doing so, the above elements also need to be agreed upon.

Freezing the Scope-of-Works

Finally, whether you’re a Work-for-Hire client or co-founder in the AppCurate Startup Incubator it is essential for all parties to agree when to ‘freeze the scope’ of the project before proceeding to the Build-It Phase.

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