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Faster Path to Commercialisation

We spend time upfront to expand the co-founder’s user stories, business proposition, app architecture and design. Click the ‘Learn More’ button to view how we critically synchronise the structured AppCurate workflow phases ›› Ideas | Shape-It | Build-It | Market-It ›› to validate and build your Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

I’d rather apologise than to be so timid as to never try to do anything smart or brave
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Startup Incubator

It has often been said entrepreneurship is about solving problems.  

In many cases this is true. However, if the user-experience is unknown or not fully understood, then an innovative solution becomes that much more difficult to implement.

Innovation Rarely Occurs Alone

Innovation usually involves a trusted partner to bounce ideas around and, in the process, contest one another. When the chemistry is right between the co-founders of the original idea — sparks fly. You get from your co-founder an early morning text with too many emojis — “call me, asap, I want to discuss an idea about our iOS and Android apps.”  

Alternatively, in a more formal corporate setting, innovation occurs in a team environment. 

AppCurate Startup Incubator

The structured AppCurate Process applies to idea exchange irrespective whether its for a team of 2 or 40+. What matters is that anyone who works in the AppCurate Startup Incubator, recognizes that whatever the task, together, best efforts are made to meet each individual deadline.

Rules of Engagement for Working in the AppCurate Startup Incubator

  • The Ideas, Shape-It and Build-It Phases are completed in 6-9 months.
  • Sustaining market presence in 10-12 months.

What Services does AppCurate Offer Co-Founders?

1) Full Service Curate

Idea validation starts at AppCurate’s Ideas Phase.

The co-founders systematically run through all the various AppCurate Phases. AppCurate provides deeply discounted services across these phases and actively participates in raising capital.

Compare and Decide

University of Wollongong
Startup Incubator
Tranche #1
$30,000 Received for 6% Equity
≅ $70,000 Spent to Build MVP
Tranche #2
$150,000 Received for 15% Equity
≅ $8-12,000 Spent on Legals
$180,000 Received for 21% Equity
≅ $80,000 Spent for 10% Equity
By comparison, the SMH(1) quotes $170,000 to develop an app in Australia versus the AppCurate model.
The AppCurate model saves an extra 11% equity for the co-founders.


Let's say, you’re a doctor who wants to improve medication safety and adherence by visually organizing your patient's medication by pill type.

The co-founders are intent on developing a proprietary app that seamlessly uses a smartphone camera to scan medications placed against a specifically designed surface. This new and novel way identifies what medications are present.

The opportunity to unlock the commercial potential of your idea is constrained by the fact seed capital is not available to scan and ingest images: medications of various strengths and formulations into a database. In addition, this database would allow patients to track their medications verifying they are taking the right medications; and also share their data and habits with other health professionals including pharmacists, other doctors and hospitals.

The primary objective is to 'Build Out' the database which allows you to raise that large sum of strategic capital; and importantly, prove the commercial potential of your idea.

Valley of Death

Showing investors a product (ideally an MVP) increases your chances of raising strategic capital. 'Seeing is Believing' and without proof-of-concept examples, it's not uncommon to get stuck in the so-called 'Valley of Death'.

AppCurate looks forward to running through with co-founders our 'Valley of Death' diagrams.

2) Low Touch Curate

The co-founders have a good understanding of what they want.

For example, our enthusiastic co-founders have in their possession good documentation, consumer schematics, structured design concepts and early-stage wireframes resulting in the 'initial feasibility' of their idea to quickly transition to the Shape-It Phase.

Transitioning to the Build-It Phase is quite straight forward. 

What's the Outcome of the AppCurate Process?

  • A product you can use for your business.
  • If a capital raise is required for commercialisation you have an MVP for presentation to the AppCurate Investment Committee (AIC) and our future Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership (ESVCLP) fund.

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