The Task

Accor APAC caters to more than 12 countries in Asia Pacific in 5 different languages.

  • Conveying information from one country to members in all countries across different languages was the biggest problem.
  • Replace Accor’s legacy system to manage the accrual of loyalty points; and redemption of membership offers, gift cards and free nights.

The Build

A proprietary CMS was built for the Accor Members Loyalty Program across all APAC hotels.

In summary:

  • The site had multi country options and was multilingual.
  • It was managed out of different countries and each country would manage their own data.
  • Members could register and renew their membership online; redeem gift cards and membership offers; make hotel bookings; and send invites to their friends to join the Accor Advantage Plus Program.
  • A workflow engine allowed this data to be supervised and ‘cleaned’; and then pushed live.

The Results

The system was a success. Help desk complaints decreased by 80%.

Data synchronisation was more effective resulting in improved customer service and better tracking of entitlements.

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