The Task

Sing Kinderlieder is an iOS/Android app offering an archive of children’s videos and songs.

  • Integrate German and Indian software development teams from Sydney.
  • Manage and synchronize the Android build from Kolkata which lagged the iOS build from Hamburg.


The Build

Native iOS and Android apps were built.

In summary:

    • The app allowed children to view videos and listen to accompanying songs.
    • The app has a parental locking system so that children can view videos and listen to songs, without disrupting the overall functionality of the parent’s mobile device.
    • Teaser videos/songs (free for a limited time) are made available for creating playlists encouraging parents to subscribe to three different monthly plans.

The Results

The integration of the German and Indian teams was a success resulting in a significant cost savings due to the ‘stepped’ (lagging) software deployment timetables.

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