The Task

Rural Australian Way (RAW) is an online rural marketplace which includes opinion editorial and stories about regional Australia. The ‘Spirit of our Home’ positioning and content from real people who live a rewarding rural life encourages others to do the same.

Develop classified Work, Live and Explore revenue streams supported by editorial:

  • The reality to Work in Rural Australia: WORK – develop rural town and country job listings helping people decide whether a particular region is for them, alongside helpful content.
  • The reality to Live and Explore across Rural Australia: LIVE – develop rural property and business-for-sale listings.

The Build

A proprietary CMS was built for the various WORK, LIVE and EXPLORE listings.

In summary:

  • The WORK listings include unique software requirements for rural jobs due to the range of actual multi-disciplinary job tasks.
  • WORK listings will uniquely map against customized regions by state.
  • LIVE listings will take into consideration the various rural property and business-for-sale scenarios.

The Results

Rural Australian Way is being built and tested.

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