The Task

Veolia has several hundred technicians across Australia who perform various tasks in commercial buildings. In the past, technicians were required to complete tens-of-pages, then send the same information to their sales/analytical staff for analysis and developing a quote.

The Build

Develop a smartphone app: Veolia Energy Efficiency Assessment App (VEE).

  • An Android app was built for Veolia technicians to use in office and commercial buildings.
  • The technician enters building data and calculates energy and water savings: electricity, natural gas, water and CO2 emission reduction.
  • The cost of supply and install estimated by the technician was separately inputted into VEE.

The Results

The VEE allowed the field technicians to generate a report in real-time for their supervisors.

Once the Energy Audit was complete a professional looking report was generated and sent to the client.

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